Unlikely hero #2 – Bender

Wow – what a weekend. I had planned to start work on a volunteer design and build project for a local charity, but as with all the best laid plans someone had other ideas.

Without going into the gory details, the weekend quickly turned into a scene from the exorcist, with my daughters stomach seemingly possessed by Satan himself! Determined not to let it put a complete downer on the weekend I managed to squeeze in an hour to finish off another Unlikely Hero illustration.

The combination of two alcoholic party boys, Ironman and Bender from futurama – enjoy.

Futurama's Bender in an Ironman suit

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  1. Turbo says:

    Nice artwork, but gonna have to say that with his heart shaped power unit this looks more like a cross between Bender and a Care Bear. Or maybe the shit one out of Captain Planet who ran around making friends with dolphins while the cool ones flew around erupting volcanoes and controlling hurricanes. In fact if you look carefully I think Heart Bender’s about to fire some flowers out of his palm.

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