Unlikely hero #4 – Hello Wolvey

I love nothing more than drawing popular characters for my kids to colour in. It encourages them to be creative, keeps them entertained for hours and doesn’t cost a penny – not to mention being a great distraction for me from the day-to-day work. The only downside can be the subject matter!

Whilst my son asks for a varied mix of cool characters: Ironman, Spiderman, Sonic, Transformers (the list goes on), my daughter insists on just 2 – Disney Princesses and Hello Kitty!

It’s not that I have anything against Disney Princesses or Hello Kitty, in fact I admire many different illustration styles and these characters are no exception. But I do find the sickly sweetness of each drawing a little tedious. Unfortunately it’s tough for a doting dad to say no. So amongst the latest suite of flowers hugging, cloud riding, gut-wrenchingly cute Kitty drawings, I slipped in an illustration more to my own tastes.

(Don’t worry – I didn’t share it with my daughter, she is blissfully unaware of teddies demise!)

Hello Kitty styled Wolverine Illustration

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  1. Matt says:

    I got thinking…

    Not sure if these are the types of mash ups or re-imagining that you’re into…but may inspire some ideas:-
    Supperman – fat slob eating cold pizza and pies (Homer, Peter Griffin, Jabba the Hutt)
    Fatman – as above
    Whole range of heroes that could be drawn as their names describe, but do as a caricature
    Robin – cute, like on a Christmas Card
    Pengiun – can evil and cute be mashed together (think ‘Happy Feet’ crossed with Danny Devito)
    Spiderman – but as a house spider stuck under an upturned glass or stuck by the plughole in a bath, a very unglamorous situation for a ‘hero’
    Cyclops – but Leela from Futurama
    Greedo as the Grinch who stole Christmas
    Doc-ock – but Zoidberg from Futurama
    Bullseye – mash up of Bully from Bullseye (of Jim Bowen fame) and Bullseye (like in Daredevil)
    Silver Surfer – OAP
    The Flash – doing a cheesy advert for Flash cleaning liquid
    Doctor Doom and Gloom – Mo from the Simpsons
    Green Lantern and Jamie & His Magic Torch
    Ghost Rider and Jasper the Ghost (although I’m not convinced with this one)
    Avatar – mash up the 2 films into either one character or each character appearing in the wrong film (set)
    And I’m sure there’s an idea with Jenga Fett

    That’ll do for now…

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