Virgin Money Forza 4 race car design

The day job at Virgin Money has had me working flat out for the past 4 months – what with Northern Rock becoming part of the business and a rebrand. So to help unwind, I decided to have a little fun with the new Virgin Money look by creating a couple of branded race cars in Forza 4 on the Xbox.

I’ve long been a fan of Forza, not just as a racing simulator, but also as a design tool. It only provides basic shapes, but with a little skewing, scaling, rotation and transparency, you can create some really effective designs.

The two cars I’ve been painting are unofficial pieces of work – they’re not affiliated with any Virgin Money PR or marketing activity – just me having fun. They have been created using purely layer upon layer of circles squares and rectangles.

In all they have taken around 5 hours to create and consist of a total of 2,101 layered shapes.

The Virgin Money Aston Martin (1,351 layers)

Virgin Money Aston Martin goes toe-to-toe with a Lambourghini

Virgin Money Aston Martin showing it's colours up in the mountains.

The Virgin Money Mini (750 layers)

Virgin Money Mini with a picturesque Swiss backdrop

Virgin Money Mini in the showroom
If you’re Forza 4 fan, maybe you’ll see these two tearing up the track!

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  1. Matt says:

    They’re awesome. Have you done any others?

  2. Ske7cher says:

    I’ve done a few designs. I mentioned these to some of the brand guys at Virgin Money, but timing wasn’t great with the Rock deal, so I don’t think they even looked at them!

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